Brain Plasticity-Based Therapeutics


Michael M. Merzenich, Thomas M Van Vleet, Mor Nahum


The primary objective of this review article is to summarize how the neuroscienceof brain plasticity, exploiting new findings in fundamental, integrative and cognitiveneuroscience, is changing the therapeutic landscape for professional communitiesaddressing brain-based disorders and disease. After considering the neurological basesof training-driven neuroplasticity, we shall describe how this neuroscience-guidedperspective distinguishes this new approach from (a) the more-behavioral, traditionalclinical strategies of professional therapy practitioners, and (b) an even more widely appliedpharmaceutical treatment model for neurological and psychiatric treatment domains. Withthat background, we shall argue that neuroplasticity-based treatments will be an importantpart of future best-treatment practices in neurological and psychiatric medicine.